Mental Illness: An Ideology Stigmatized by Media

A literature review that I handed in for ASTU 100.

litreview_sophie garcia

In this paper, I was able to involve my own interests and see what I can really do when I am truly passionate about what I am working on. I was able to combine some of my knowledge from Psychology 101 and ASTU 100. I have learned that I work more efficiently and enthusiastically when I am combining my own personal interests with my work, which tends to produce better results.

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Learning Significance

  1. In ASTU 100, I learned how to create scholarly conversation, close read, analyze, and cite my work. At first, ASTU was a hard transition from high school because I was so accustomed to creative writing. Ultimately, though, I was able to really push my self and develop new abilities. I am now able to write with the sophistication required to write scholarly papers.